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Yoga is the ideal complement to running, increases flexibility, awareness, and breath capacity. Poses targeting key muscle groups used in running,enhances core strength & increase energy efficiency. Yoga and running are the perfect cross-training partners.

Surya Namaskar(Sun Salutation)

Surya namaskar has 12 postures as shown below. If you are new to the practice begin with 2 or 3 sets. Gradually increasing to more sets and/or staying longer in each pose. Synchronize your breath with the movements of your body. Typically an inhale is an upward movement, while an exhale goes with a downward movement.

1. Tad-asana(Prayer Pose) Stand straight keep your feet together and hands folded as you are praying(Indian type of greetings) Breathe normally.
2. Hasta Uttan-asana(Raised Arm Pose) Inhale while raising your hands above head bend backwards.
3. Hasta Paad-asana(Standing forward bend Pose) Lower your hands towards front. Bend forward and place your hand on the ground. Exhale while doing this step.
4. Ashwa Sanchalan-asana or Aek Paad prasarna-asana(Equestrian Pose/Lunge) Keep the hands firmly on the ground. Stretch your left leg backwards, face straight. Right knee should be between your arms. Inhale while doing this step.
5. Adho Mukha Svan-asana(Downward Facing Dog) Stretch your right leg position it next to the left one. Raise your hip slowly to form an arch. Exhale while performing this step.
6. Chaturanga Dand-asana(Eight limbs Pose) Lower your body, so that your forehead, nose, chest and knees touch the ground. Exhale while doing this.
7. Bhujang-asana(Cobra/upward facing dog Pose) Slowly raise your head and bend backwards open your chest. Inhale while performing this.
8. Parvath-asana(Downward Facing Dog) Raise your hips same as step 5. Exhale while doing this.
9. Aek Paad prasarna-asana(Lunge) Inhale raise your left heel upto hip hight, exhale place your left foot between arms knee bend, keep right leg streched head straight up. Inhale while performing this.
10. Hasta Paad-asana(Standing forward bend Pose) Bring your right foot next to your left one. Exhale while doing so.
11. Hasta Uttan-asana(Raised Arm Pose) Slowly raise body up and arms above head bend backwards. Inhale while performing this.
12. Tad-asana(Prayer Pose) Come back to the center hands together in praying posture. Exhale then breath normally.
ॐ ☮ ☮ ☮ ॐ