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Training Preparation

Conditioning Before you start with marathon training schedule, you should be running 30min or longer 3 times a week for few weeks. This is not only for first timer but equally important for those who are marathoner but wasn't active recently.

Goals Finishing marathon itself is challenging, make finishing your top goal. Be realistic about time goal especially if its your first marathon.

Join Group Find local running group to suit your personality and goals.

Training to Race Train on similar surface as race course(make hills friends during training). If training for big marathon(like MCM, Chicago, NY etc.) its good idea to do some short distance races with same number of participants.

Tapering Don't forget the importance of tapering in last 3 weeks before race.

Sleep Its normal you may not get good sleep night before big race, so try to get good night sleep 2 nights before race.

Rest Rest Rest Rest is very important so you have fresh legs. Take 1-2 days off from any physical activities.

Hydration Drink plenty of fluid, water and/or mixed with sports drink.

Race Course From race website get familiar with course route,elivation. If possible drive/run it.

Aid-station/Support Check what is provided but still carry stuff to be self-sufficient.

Shoes Have good break-on on your shoes before race. Good to have 2nd pair if rain etc.

Race Day

Race ready Bag Start packing couple of days ahead of race day.

Race Day Ritual Stick with things you had tried and worked before your long runs.

Arrive Early Get 1 hour(2 hour for big races) before start time.

Warm Up Walk/jog around, gentle yoga etc.

Stay Loose Massage or loosen any tight muscles. Small motion steps/streches.

Positive Thoughts Enjoy the atmosphere, stay in positive spirit.

Corral line up Line up in right corral based on your pace, good to start with behind the corral or even 1 corral slower.

Racing Etiquette Be good citizen, mindful of others around, give space to faster runners to pass.

Post Race

Keep Moving Try to keep moving, grab water, drink, food etc for 20mins

Hydrate and Refuel Within 30mins drink some water then protein shake(any drinks what works best for your recovery), eat solid food.

Streching Do passive streching for few mins.

Thank Volunteers Thank as many people you can with smile :)

Congrats Cheer other finishers!

Recovery Get shower and have good lunch you deserve it! Stay hyderated, eat good food and take walks.